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Stacey’s got a fresh, juicy, clean, tight pussy-hole that’s very deserving of getting it cream-filled. We didn’t let her know about our “plan” as she went on and fuck around with one of our guys. Stacey was moaning and groaning over that cock that’s been making her pussy swollen. Stacey was so hot in this set that we gave her a cunt-filling creampie she’ll never forget.

Witness a young blonde chic as she drips her cum-filled pussy!

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Lexi's wonderfully creamed pink twat

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It was nice having the opportunity to do a creampie shoot with someone like Lexi, she’s the type of gal that’s so easy to work with. Even before the shoot, she was already handling herself like true professional. And once we started on the scene, everything went so very smoothly. She really rocks! She displayed her superb oral skill as she sucked on our guy’s cock. Once we got to the hardcore scene, our guy had no difficulty moving her around as he pounded on her all across the room.

Lexi then started to pounce on top of our guy and was just totally enjoying every second of it. And when we finally got to the final scene, everything ran like clockwork. After she got her dose of man juice in her juicy twat, she then faced it in front of the camera qutie superbly so we basically were able to get a great angled shot of her pink slit.

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Redhead got creampie surprise

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If there’s one thing very interesting about giving a creampie it would be the different kinds of reaction you get from the women once they finally find out and realize that you’ve dump your thick load just barely inside their meat holes. Just like the other redhead, Cherry, from my previous post, she was caught of guard when our guy suddenly dumped a huge load of his thick white juice inside her poonany. Looks like our man got himself another victim of his special talent.

But again, just like Cherry from before, this redhead with a nicely shaved twat couldn’t deny that she had a good time humpin’ on our guy’s hard cock. And if she even denies it, we have the whole thing recorded on video to prove otherwise. This bitch could’nt contain herself during the time she was getting pounded. She was moaning non stop out of orgasm and it was definitely an awesome combination of sight and sound.

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